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RUNNING HEAD: Miami School District


The Miami school district has decided to redraw boundaries fro the upcoming year. The caused an unexpected increase in student enrollment. The school district hired extra staff to help in the time consuming process. The new boundaries would mean that many students will not be able to stay in their present school. Parents of the students started to voice their opinions and concerns with quality of education, increased travel time, crossing economic and cultural boundaries, affect on property values and the social effects on children as their top five.

Parents from both schools sat down and began the time consuming task of redrawing boundary lines to set up the new enrollment for a new school—Norma Butler Bossard located at   SW 144th St, and named after a woman who directed the language arts division. This plan is not favored by the parents .This decision would stop students from attending their home school and would make the transition very hard both on children and their parents. The main concern for parents is quality of education and increased travel time to and from school. The Miami school district is the internal stakeholder parents and children fall under stakeholders also. The Miami school district will come up with a plan that can benefit all parties involved. But it all comes down to who stays and who goes to the new school. Southwest 152nd Street is the biggest concern being the busiest street in the area.

There are a few stakeholders involved in this negotiation conflict. The Miami School District is the internal stakeholder. The members of the board within the school district and the parents of the children attending are also stakeholders. Stakeholders are persons who have some sort of interest within a certain business.

According to Nuseibeh and Easterbrook, as cited in Boutelle (2009), “Stakeholders are defined as “individuals or organizations that stand to gain or lose from the success or...