Stacy Lannert Story

The Stacy Lannert Story

In the beginning of the presentation, Stacy Lannert immediately started with showing her audience statistics. The first statistic was that 1 in 4 women, 1 in 6 men, and 39 million Americans are sexually assaulted. She used the image of imaging 100 people in one place and figuring 25 people in that crowd had been sexually assaulted in some way. Her words were chilling, but the information she gave us next made my jaw tighten. Stacy told us that every 15 seconds a women is beaten and every day 3 women and 1 man are killed by their abuser. With that in our minds, she warned us that woman ages 20-24 greatest risks and many in the crowd were in those ranges. Stacy was very talented at providing the statistics that many of us did not know. This was a very interesting technique to warm us up before describing the gory and disgusting details of what her own father did to her.
Stacy Lannert explained to us that there were warning signs that she was being abused, and she even had told her baby sitter who also told her mother. Though, her mother just replied with, “I’ll take care of it.” Her PowerPoint highlighted the different types of warning signs:
Sexual Abuse Warning signs: physical: headache, gastro-intestinal emotional: depression, suicide self-destructive behaviors: shoplifting, self-mutilation, promiscuity.
Domestic violence warning signs:   afraid/anxious, depressed/suicidal, have frequent accidents; dress in baggy clothes, checking in/reporting where they are, isolation.

Stacy had explained that the reason she had come to the point of killing her father was after the very first time her had raped her little sister. She felt like she had lost all power, like she had nothing left to help her continue on. When she had gone to his house to confront him about the raping, he beat her to the ground, raped her again shrugged it off. Finally days afterwards, she had gone to her limit and shot and killed him. She told us...