1.1 Background of the Study
Education system forms the backbone of every nation. And hence it is important to provide a strong educational foundation to the young generation to ensure the development of open-minded global citizens securing the future for everyone. Advanced technology available today can play a crucial role in streamlining education-related processes to promote solidarity among students, teachers, parents and the school staff. [Deigi taka]
The Student Records Management System is an automated version of manual student management system. Automation is the replacement of manual operations by a computerized method. A computerized system entails the automation of manual system with the view of achieving security, accuracy, speed and reliability for multiple server systems. It can handle all details about a student. The details include student profile, course management (student grades, records and progress, transcripts), student registration etc…
In the case of manual system they need a lot of time, manpower. Here almost all work is computerized. So the accuracy is maintained. Maintaining backup is very easy, it can be done in few minutes. There are two types of accessing modes i.e. administrator and users. Student Records Management System is managed by an administrator. It is the job of the administrator to insert update and monitor the whole process. When a user such as the staff logs in to the system, thye would only view details of the student and cannot perform any changes.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
To help promote students achievement and success, schools must have access to complete, accurate, and timely information about students. One of the benefits of automated student records management system is that the student record system will simplify retrieval of required information and is a great instrument for school improvement by taking measures from the information acquired. In Salem University, Lokoja...

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