Sop Kit

SRM SEMESTER ABROAD PROGRAM (SAP) FOR SHORTLISTED / SELECTED STUDENTS CHECKLIST TO APPLY Completed Application Form ( On Line or Hard Copy ) Official Transcript(s) in English ( Mark sheets) Recommendation letter (Evaluation Form) Statement of Purpose ( Statement of Objective) if required Curriculum Vista (CV) Financial Certification Form (3 sets: 1st to the Oversea University; 2nd for Visa; 3rd your copy while traveling). Based on SRM letter, bank Can grant loan. Passport copy (first and last page with address) Fill chosen 3 / 4 courses after checking prerequisite in consultation with SRM professors. ACTION ON SELECTION AT SRM - ANTICIPATING ACCEPTANCE AT USA Book the ticket return – to arrive overseas 10 days earlier to commencement of semester Book Visa Date – Pay HDFC for the code as activation takes three days. On receipt of I 20 book available visa interview date and request to advance the date. After the interview, though it takes 3 days to get the visa, allow 7 days. A gap of 10 – 15 days between visa interview date and date of departure is required. During Visa Interview, SRM letter permitting semester abroad can be shown, if required. Book Accommodation for stay oversea Wait I 20 form and acceptance letter from the University NOTE: Preferred courier for sending documents overseas is FedEX or DHL.


STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVE (SOO) OR STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) Describe in your statement of purpose:
  

Your reasons for applying to the proposed program at the chosen university and your preparation for this field of study Your research and study interests Future career plans and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study SAMPLE STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVE

Even from my school days, I was fascinated by the power of electronics, impacting every ones life. The first introduction course on basic electronic thrilled me. That was the time, India took on...