Walmart Supply Chain and Business Management Strategy

Wal-Mart and Supply Chain and Business Management Strategy
Gary L. Smith II
MGT 322
Sanh Tran
January 7, 2015

Over the past five weeks, I have learned quite a bit about the importance of Supply Chain management, and business management in general.   Already being in the business of supply, I have been able to see how this affects my everyday job, and put some new methods in practice during day to day operations.   Unfortunately, I cannot implement a large amount of what we have learned due to the limitations I have being in the U.S. Marine Corps, but I do have a better understanding of why we do what we do, and how we do it.   I am lucky enough to be in one of the world’s best organizations for personnel management, but our Supply Chain strategy, is not as easily managed due to the structure of how the government operates.   However, not that it is a huge secret, nor can it not be figured out, I will not be writing on my current organization.  
I worked for one of the largest company in the world (according to while I was in high school.   I started working there in my sophomore year, and worked there until I graduated.   I was fortunate enough to work myself up through the company from stockman, to cashier, to floor associate.   I was fascinated by the way I was able to progress through the company, and how others were not.   While I have always had rather good work ethic, I couldn’t help but think that maybe there were other reasons why I made it and others didn’t.   It also didn’t make sense to me at the time that hey continued to give me a raise, while still holding onto the same people I worked with as a stockman, or cashier, and continued to hire even more workers.   On an even bigger scale, I was intrigued as to how they were able to continuously maintain stocked shelves, while never having an overabundance of items in the back.   This whole process was new to me, and in many ways, I have never lost interest in it.   The supply chain process of...