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Kenneth Spicer

Mission Statement
The Flint Thunder is committed to bringing the community together through affordable family-friendly entertainment in a clean, safe, and festive atmosphere. Our organization's purpose is to positively impact the community. We will always work to improve the fan experience while maintaining a professional product on and off the court.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to provide a world class basketball experience to our fans.   We what to become the premier basketball franchise within the U.S Pro Basketball League by utilizing top talent that we acquire through drafts, free agency, and trades.   We will provide world class amenities to provide the ultimate experience to all fans.   We will do this through hard work, persistence, and above all else by winning.   We will utilize all resources to give back to the community through charitable donations, scholarships, and player/fan interaction.   We will strive to be the best of the best for many years to come.

Strategic Goals Short Term
1. Lead league in offensive and defensive rebounding
2. Increase win total from previous season by 15 games
3. Increase ticket sales by 5-7% over previous season
4. Increase corporate sponsorship by $500,000 by end of year
5. Make the playoffs and advance to second round of the playoffs
Strategic Goals Long Term
1. Within the next 2 years have sellout crowds for all home games (by 2016)
2. Increase merchandise sales by 15% over the next 3 years (by 2017)
3. Increase games televised nationally by 25% within next 3 years (by 2017)
4. Be selected to host the annual All-Star game in 4 years (by 2018)
5. Within 5 years have won the U.S. Pro Basketball League Championship at least once

Organizational Chart
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)