Ant 101 - Sports and Race/Class

Final Essay – Conflict in Literature
ENG 125 – Introduction to Literature

Participation in Sporting Activities by Age/Class
Sports today is a multi-billion dollar industry.   No matter the age, race, sex, or class, a majority of Americans have an interest in at least one type of sport.   From ticket sales, concessions, apparel, and equipment sales, there are so many aspects of sports today that generate revenue for many types of people and companies.   From the owners of teams, athletic equipment companies, food companies, clothing companies, each of these groups try to capitalize on the sports craze in search of boosting the bottom-line profit.
The sports and activities that people are interested in are influenced by many factors.   Based on their age and socioeconomic status, the interests vary in large degrees.   We will look at the different sports and review the participants based on age and class.   We will also look at the attendance for these sports and compare the interests of the fans based on their age and class.   There are many different sports that Americans participate in and are interested in today.   These sports vary by many different factors and are not just the “main” sports that we think of.   There are some sports that are more commercialized, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.   These sports are the first that come to mind due to the popularity and success of the professional leagues that we have established in the United States, such as the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League.   These sports are certainly the largest and are the most mainstream.   Because there is more access to these sports seeing that they are so popular, these sports are played and attended by people of all races, ages, and social class.  
Aside from the major professional sports, there are other sports that also are very popular.   Soccer, although not as popular as the...