Managing Public Relations

Managing Public Relations
Lisa Visone
Destiny Goodrum

There is a right way and a wrong way on how you need to present information to the public about incidents that may have happened, players that are new to the team and the players that considered superstars.   They are all similar in the way you will speak about them but there will be differences because each issue is unique in its own.   Public relations centers on the management of information flow between an organization and its key publics (Pedersen, 2007).
When speaking about a player that had an incident you need to stay calm during a press release even when they will be saying not very nice things regarding the player who has done something again.   At times, new players will be arriving on a team.   They will be mentioned during a press release and your public relations needs to be clear for why they are coming and to persuade why the need for new players. Some teams have players that would be considered superstars.   The media always wants to speak to them because they are popular with the fans.   When a coach or a superstar is speaking to the media they need to be polite, never allow too much information to be given, speak clearly and don’t get a big head while talking to the media.   It would not look good for them or themselves.
Anticipatory contact is that if I was in a sport organization I will need to know or assume that the media will contact me regarding issues or rumors.   I would need to be prepared for all types of questions that would be directed towards me.
The media releases are important to get out information.   The sport organization is who will contact the media so they can have a press release.   This is so information that maybe heard about can be said and there will be no confusion.
The conferences I would use to relay important information to the media.   This is so I can tell everyone at once rather than do it individually.   By doing it at one time this makes for not...