Speech on Football


The game where 22 players, maybe expect the two goalkeepers, are trying to score in each end and therefore win the game. Of course it’s football I’ am talking about – but also called soccer by a small group of people. It’s a sport the most of us can relate to. All of us have at some point of our lives created knowledge or some kind of understanding of this game.

- My reason for choosing football

It is simply because it is a sport we all can learn from - both inside and outside the battlefield. All the players on each team cooperate with each other in order to win.

The game of football

Football provides the very best features from a wide range of sports. They can be grouped into three major characteristics, called:

  1. Strategy

  2. Fair Play

  3. National feeling


Football is a very strategic game

You must use your brain - like when you’re playing Chess or Stratego. And that’s adding a whole new dimension to the game.

Even if one team is physically stronger than the other, it is not certain that they will win. The “Offside Rules” are a very good example. They can result in you getting your goal cancelled if the other team wisely pulls the defense forward on the pitch.

The special thing with football is unlike other sports - that you’re not just running around the field like a headless chicken. You actually have to think before acting. That’s what makes the game so unique. The fanatical crowd is also an important factor - but the random spectator who runs into the pitch has always been a shame to the game.


The game is also based on "Fairplay" just like many team sports are.

There are strict rules how all players must behave, which is based on good sportsmanship. Therefore everyone can sort of “Fight” in a friendly way without anyone getting hurt such as in kickboxing.


Last but not least the game creates a national feeling and unity. At this point football is actually a very unique sport....