Descriptive Essay Football Field

On Friday night, when you’re under those lights, walking out for the coin toss, nothing else seems to matter. It’s a feeling like no other, a place where I can escape anything going on in the world. For those forty-eight minutes it’s just me and my brothers fighting a war that, in that moment, is the most important thing to any of us.

​​It normally starts with a casual school day. We wear our jerseys around the halls with pride, mostly keeping to ourselves, because all that’s on a football players mind on game day is to finally be able to get out there on the field. Teachers, students, and the staff all wish us luck and that they’ll be there to support. It’s a weird feeling, which is the fact that the majority of the student body can’t wait to come watch you and your team play a high school football game on Friday night. High School football is a special thing and it is like no other. You’re out there, carrying the pride of your town and your school with you, and even though the only people that will hear about the game are people around here in Westchester County, it is so important to us and our community.

      The pre-game rituals are none to be messed around with. Personally I am very superstitious when it comes to pre-game. I even get the same sandwich before every single game. These usually start after going home for a short while after school to rest up for the game. Sometimes a nap is needed after an excruciating day at school. Other times just relaxing listening to music or watching TV will do. The minutes tick by and it seems to be an eternity until it is finally time to leave. I go to the Lakeland Deli as I have prior to every game this year and order a Clucking Russian, a simple yet incredible sandwich with a chicken cutlet, bacon, muenster cheese and Russian dressing. This has been my pre-game sandwich ever since we had a winning streak into the playoffs during lacrosse season last year. It is then time to head over to Lakeland. It’s the same...