Southwest Airlines: Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper

Southwest Airlines: Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper
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Southwest Airlines: Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper

Southwest Airlines is a successful company that welcomes a fun culture combined with dedication and effort. The company’s culture is very simple, but it is taken very seriously by both the management and the employees.   The company emphasizes in valuing people, and trying to keep its employees happy, so they can have happy customers. They believe that a happy employee will create a happy customer, and a happy customer will bring business back to them. It is a cycle they pay attention very carefully.

The members of southwest airlines consider themselves more than just a business, their secret ingredient -they say- is the ability to build and sustained high performance relationships between managers, employees, unions, and suppliers. Relationships that share not only goals, but also knowledge, and mutual respect.

Southwest airlines’ mission has been state as “dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.”   To accomplish this, the company is committed to their employees to offer them a stable work environment with equal opportunities for learning and personal growth. Southwest core values are love and fun, and the company encourages creativity and innovation in their employees, and provides them respect, caring attitude and show concern about them just as they expect the employees to care about their customers.

Herbert D. Kelleher, Co-founder of Southwest Airlines said “Culture is the glue that holds our organization together. It encompasses beliefs, expectations, norms, rituals, communication patterns, symbols, heroes, and reward structures. Culture is not about magic formulas and secret plans; it is a combination of a thousand things."
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