Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper
      Organization Behavior and Communication may vary in each company however the   intended outcome is usually the same that is the need to have the employer and employee in line with the company's philosophy and mission. Walt Disney is a business leader in the business model of providing sound leadership and maintaining customer loyalty and its success   is because of the employees buying into their philosophy. According to training manager Shelley Lauten,   "Our philosophy, "Lauten said, is for every guest who walks through our doors to feel happiness. "The problem she added, is how to translate that to the company's 23,500 employees in Florida (Vaughan, Oct 31 page 11 ).
      Walt Disney has been successful for over 100 years by promoting happiness to all of the universe. One way the company was able to get this point across was to create an environment which the employee be groomed on its philosophy through a training university. In reading the co-founders'   biography Walt Disney eluded that he had a dream of how the company should be and he followed the dream no matter what risks were involved. Walt's training made sure every employee is made aware of and well-versed in the company's traditions. The overall culture of Walt Disney was to provide happiness to internal customers as well as external customers. Disney's espouse values are definitely aligned together with the enacted values because the culture, although rigid sustained   an empire on employee camaraderie. A key part of employee training , Lauten said, consists of making sure that each new employee understands Disney's traditions because understanding contributes to pride   (Vaughan, Oct 31 Page 11 ). From my work experience sometimes pride is frowned upon; however I believe differently. When a employee takes ownership in there job responsibilities, which to me is also taking on pride in his or her performance or tasks provides exceptional results for...