Behavior and Communication Paper

Walt Disney Behavior and Communication Paper
Danielle Lange
February 6, 2012
Hannah Rosette


Walt Disney Behavior and Communication Paper
An organization that everyone knows or at least has heard of is The Walt Disney Company.   Walt Disney created by two brothers in 1923.   Walt and Roy Disney had little to nothing; other than, determination, and a big dream.   Their goal was “to make people happy,” which Walt Disney has done for 80 years.
For an employee at Walt Disney, the company has five distinct values that would make an employee proud.   These things are: high-quality products, high optimism for the future, vivid storytelling, an emphasis on family entertainment, and much dedication from the cast members.   When visiting a Walt Disney park one cannot help but to feel an enormous amount of happiness.   The feeling of happiness and acceptance is because of the deep rooted philosophy and values of the mission statement, which the employees at Walt Disney hold true to themselves.   The great amount of pride and determination the two brothers had when starting The Walt Disney Company, is kept alive through the employees who choose to work at any entity or affiliate of Walt Disney.
Walt Disney works hard to keep their name in good standing.   The name Walt Disney is held at high standards, and this means each person affiliated with Walt Disney is also held to those same high standards.   Walt Disney has come a long way since 1923, but it stays true to its core mission of providing quality entertainment for people around the world.
The values that make Walt Disney stand out are first following a strong tradition of innovation.   Second value is quality and striving to follow and maintain high-quality standards in product categories.   The next value is community, by providing entertainment experiences for all generations to share.   The fourth value is storytelling, by every product telling a story.   Fifth is optimism because at Walt Disney...