Sop for Business Management

There is no limit to what you can learn and how much you can earn from it. Instilled with this belief by my father, I have since the beginning learnt to approach the world differently. I view that knowledge can be applied practically not only to earn a living, but also to earn wisdom. To me, Business Management is not merely about learning the core elements of Business Studies, it is also about delving deeper into the many dimensions the subject has to offer and apply this in real life.
My allure for the subject of Business and Management has been a direct consequence of observing my father run his Pharmaceutical business. That being my first tryst with the world of Business and Management, my interest was further augmented during the course of High School. Alongside this, I began to visit my father’s office to observe how opposite aspects of a business come together to work as one complimentary, symbiotic whole.
Although I had the chance to observe firsthand the application of what I was learning in School every day in my family run Pharmaceutical Business, it was during my visit to Malaysia for an International Leadership Summit, where I got to apply my business and analytical skills for the first time.
As part of the summit, where I was representing my School and Country, I was expected to present my decision-making skills during conferences. I was presented with the opportunity to interact extensively with the chief businessmen of Malaysia. This allowed me to analyse the thinking of the leading business minds of another culture. I learnt to think in different contexts. This experience enabled me to develop practical business insights, teamwork and decision-making skills. It was during this visit, I saw the pieces of the puzzle fall together and the allure morphed to passion.
I have noticed furthermore the fact that business management transcends definitive restrictive formulas. One can and needs to invent new formulae at each step. This limitless nature of...