Business Management

Business Management 1A

Varsity College Sandton
Xoliswa Skosana

Managing In Different Areas Of the Organisation
What is a manager? According to the South African pocket Oxford dictionary: A manager is a person that manages staff, an organization, or sports team. A person that is in charge of the business affairs of a sports player or actor, etc. (Soanes. C,2002). A manager is a person who manages a company on a daily basis. He has to over see very little detail in an organization. A manger manages in different areas of an organization, these include the following:
  * The Administration Department provides administrative support to the agency's engineering functions through five offices: Acquisitions, Budget, General Services, Financial Services Division and Information Management, which oversees the Communications and Records Office. (

  * Provision of offices for all staff.
  * Provision of all office equipment for use by staff e.g. Computers.
  * Ensuring a clean and secure office environment.
  * Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, telecommunication, email, fax, computers etc.
  * Providing, where possible, designated parking for vehicles.
  * Ensuring availability of stationery.
  * Ensuring availability of adequate photocopying services/facilities.
  * Setting of internal operating rules. (

  * At the top of the administrative department is someone with the title of or similar to office manager. This person will not only perform her own allotted duties, but may also manage a team of administrative staff on a daily basis. (

  * While they performing a variety of office functions, compiling and disseminating documents is the primary duty for administrative assistants and managers....