Solar Powered Cell Phones

Women see their cell phones as a means of expression and social communication, while men

tend to use it as an interactive toy.   Some men view the cell phone as a status symbol and even

use the cell phone to seduce the opposite sex, competing with other males for the most high

tech toy.   Cell phones are becoming an integral part of our daily lives.   Cell phones give people

a newfound personal sense of power, enabling unprecedented mobility and allowing them to

conduct their business on the go.   Men use more minutes than women.   Women use camera

phones more than men.   Men talk business on cell phones more than women, and matters of

home women rule.   Convenience remains top reason for wireless phones.   The solar powered

cell phone will enhance this convenience by allowing easier access to power that charges the

phone.   The ideal situation for the solar cell phone is to enable the phone to charge from direct

sun light, light sources, and even candle light.   I choose to focus on the segments which include

men between the ages of 18 and 29 because this is the largest segment of cell phone only

users.   Also, the adult cell phone users over 30 are constantly on the rise.   Therefore, I will also

target the adults between the ages of 30 and 64.

Target market

Those who use a cell phone as their only telephone service tend to be younger than the general

population.   Approximately half of the cell phone users are males between the ages of 18 and

29.   This percentage dropped slightly from two years ago.   This does not mean that 18 to 29

year olds are less likely than in 2006 to use a cell phone only.   In fact, the incidence of cell

phone only usage among 18 to 29 year olds actually increase slightly (32% compared to 26%


last year).   It simply means that the cell phone only usage also increased among older

individuals, resulting in that group now...