Social Work

A combination of work experiences and personal reasons fuel my passion towards a career in social work. My current role as an Advisor within a welfare to work organisation has allowed me to work directly with a variety of people facing multiple barriers into employment.
My role involves providing one to one support, advice and guidance,designed to aid clients with life skills such as budgeting, money management, helping service users to access information relevant to their needs and assisting them to develop a higher level of independence and improved communication and social skills. The overall aim is to support clients back into work; this has allowed me to develop skills and qualities that are necessary within a social work setting. This includes patience, resilience and strong communication especially when dealing with sensitive issues.I have also become more aware of my own values and beliefs whilst showing respect for all people and taking a non judgmental approach.

Part of my current role involves maintaining and updating internal databases, and keeping detailed records of all contact made with clients and report writing.I have experience of liaising with representatives from a wide range of external agencies including the Probation Service. I am skilled in effectively relaying important information in an accurate and timely manner, allowing for transparency when communicating with internal staff and partner organisations.
My experience in this role has really opened my eyes and has allowed me to become deeply concerned for the welfare of vulnerable young people and adults. As members of a larger society I feel that we all have a moral duty to be concerned for each other. That is why I believe the work of social workers is vital in ensuring that vulnerable members of society have access to services allowing for an improved the quality of life and personal development.

My Sociology degree explored how individual lives are shaped by social and...