Themes and Theories Relating to Service Users and Social Work Practice in a Chosen Scenario

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Themes and theories relating to service users and social work practice in a chosen scenario
Scenario 3 |


This essay will look at scenario 3, that of Yasmin a 79 year old woman that has been diagnosed with dementia. The essay will identify and discuss themes relevant to the service user and for the social work practice. Some of these including culture, religion and will look at areas of oppression and discrimination and the importance of relationships to promote well-being.

Yasmin and her family were forced out of Uganda and moved to Leicester in 1973.It can be deduced, however not taken for certain, that Yasmin and her family are from an Asian culture (BBC, 2010). It should also be understood that within this culture a variety of religions are practiced (Bonney & Le Goff, 2006). For Yasmin and her family these will be important to as it can have an effect in all areas of the situation that they find themselves in and their relationship with care services. A social worker needs to be converse with the ideology of a service user and their families’ culture and religion as it could be a factor in any discussions with the service user their families and the social worker themselves. They must be aware that we live in a diverse society that has different views and preconceptions.   The social worker also needs to be aware of their own values so they can be taken into consideration, though fore making sure that these do not impact on their practice (Thompson, 1998).

Yasmin is female and historical it has been seen that there has   oppression and discrimination of females in society, though this situation is changing it this has to be taken into account within the influences of Yasmin’s life course,   the impact within the family but also the social worker have been influenced in their thinking. The social worker practice must of an anti-oppressive and non- discriminatory nature with an understanding...