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Therapeutic Communication for Elderly Victims eruption of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta in Living Everyday Life During Evacuation Shelter

by: Tukino *)


    Mount Merapi is located in Sleman District of Yogyakarta Special Province is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, which is periodically ready to spew lava down the slope and the surrounding land. The disasters of Merapi eruption or re-occurred on October 26, 2010 caused great numbers of casualties as well as properties. Data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) until October 29, 2010, there were 37 people dead and 46 injured beasu of hot clouds.
    In addition, on November 5, 2010 eruption caused a much stronger burst of volcanic materials with as high as 6.5 km from the summit of Merapi, and the gusts of hot clouds as far as 14 miles to the south. The hot cloud flowed along the Gendol river where there were many inhabitants. This second eruption caused great damage along the path of Gendol river and cause more deaths. Based on data Pusdalops BNPB on November 27, 2010, eruption of Mount Merapi has caused loss of life as many as 242 people died at the Yogyakarta Special Region, and 97 people died in Central Java.
    Beside causing deaths, the eruption of mount Merapi has made in thousands of houses damaged. It is recorded 2636 housing units were severely damaged and uninhabitable, 156 houses were damaged and 632 houses suffered minor damage, thus the overall 3424 houses in the area of Yogyakarta which suffered from the impact of damaging eruption. Meanwhile in the region of Central Java province, it is recorded a total of 3705 houses were damaged, with the distribution of 551 houses were severely damaged, 950 houses were damaged and 2204 houses were slightly damaged. Residents who survived from the eruption of mount Merapi included the elderly people now are still living in the refugee camps known as "shelter", which are in the shelter of Plosokerep of Pelemsari village and...