Social Issues

Final Project- Creating a Social Program
Carol Maxey
May 25, 2014
University of Phoenix

Final Project- Creating a Social Program Introduction
Helping Other Women Stand (HOWS) is the organization that I am creating in an effort to address a social problem I have recognized as well as implement a program that would provoke a change project that will decrease the rate of relapse for pregnant consumers that are on methadone maintenance. The mission of HOWS is to become part of the solution in our local communities and the world.   To reach women with chemical dependencies, teenagers and families that suffers as a result of drug abuse. The goal of HOWS is to assist them in discovering their person-hood, purpose, and passion. In addition, HOWS will provide encouragement and hope and serve as lecture facilitators, counselors, mentors, and motivational speakers. young girls, teenagers and women. To assist them in discovering their person-hood, purpose and passion. To provide encouragement and hope. We serve as lecture facilitators, mentors, and motivational speakers
The Problem
An ongoing problem that I have noticed within my agency is the conflict between the primary physicians and the clinical staff of Helping Other Women Stand (H.O.W.S).   Pregnant consumers that are on methadone maintenance struggle with the advice they receive from their primary physicians and the instructions given to them from the clinical staff at HOWS. The primary physicians advise the pregnant consumers to stop taking methadone and to be substance free while pregnant. The facility clinicians suggest that they stay on methadone because it is healthier for both the consumer and the unborn child. Despite the education that these consumers receive during both group sessions and one one on one counseling, they continue to attempt to stop the methadone or taper off at a rapid speed.   This has caused a significant rate of relapse within this particular population. It is dangerous...