Ethical Issues


Ethical Issues in Management

Sara Williams

University of Phoenix


      The purpose of this paper is to describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers. The paper will also explain the relationship between social issues and ethical responsible practices managers are faced within the workplace.   Along with the analysis, an example is provided to paint a picture of ethical dilemmas and legal issues that may arise in the workplace.

Ethical Issues in Management


Ethical development can be a lifelong process.   Developing ethics and skills, guides one to learn what risks one may be willing to take when a conflict arises.   People are generally raised with a specific set of moral values.   As individuals get older those same set of ethics or values are brought into their social and work environments.   Managers must develop an ethical framework and be arble to think logically to overcome ethical challenges that may be presented in the work environment.   For instance, many parents have a strong religious background; therefore, they raised there children with those values.   The challenge is to not allow yourself give others preferential treatment or treat other with less respect because they don’t share my value or ethics.
Moral and Ethical Issues
IA close friend of mine in the military told me a story about leadership perspective and how it is highly influenced by the Military Commanding officer on first job.   He exhibited favoritism with the staff, as evidence by his granting promotions to those with whom he was friendly rather than basing them on performance.   Favoritism is being shown to another employee or applicant if a supervisor gives unauthorized preferential treatment to any Navy civilian employee or applicant, or, takes specific personnel actions based on nepotism. (Bostic, 2008)   This officer further showed bias by allowing certain personnel to view the work schedule before it was posted in...