Smoking Should Be Banned

Smoking should be banned

Some people neither care about their own nor other people’s health. People do every kind of things everyday without caring how it would affect them or others. One of these things is smoking. Although smokers claim that this habit helps them relax and release stress, the negative aspects of smoking heavily outweigh the positive ones. Smoking does not only cause cancer and other illnesses to smokers, but it also increases the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory problems in passive smokers. Also, smoking affects the environment greatly. Besides, smoking costs governments millions of pounds every year because of the large number of people who need treatment in hospitals for smoking-related diseases. Taking these reasons into consideration it is possible to assure that smoking should be banned.
The first and most logical argument for the implementation of a ban on smoking is, obviously, health related. Even though this information is widely spread, many people still smoke today despite being fully aware of its devastating effects. Tobacco use leads to cardiovascular diseases, emphysema and other chronic lung diseases, and, of course, to lung, mouth and throat cancer. Around 5million people die every year because of these smoking related diseases and that’s not all. There’s solid evidence that proves that regular exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke threatens the health of those who do not smoke and increases their risk of having lung cancer. Passive smokers, especially children, also suffer from allergies, headaches and eyes irritations, all of them caused for being in regular contact with tobacco smoke. All these consequences could be prevented if governments would put a ban on smoking.
Another compelling reason that shows why smoking should be illegal is that cigarettes are one of the direct contributors to the environmental pollution. It is quite evident that smoking causes air pollution, since many of the chemicals present in...