Smoking has being very popular since long times ago such as drinking coffee. However, smoking always has been controversial issue because of adverse effects. Some people think smoking must be banned by law, while others say smoking is not something that should be controlled by government, but by individual. In my opinion, smoking have to be made illegal .

First reason is that smoking is hazardous to our health. It is a well-known fact cigarette is a material that lead to lung cancer and other diseases. That is why it is natural smoking have to be banned. For example, some chemicals which effect human body badly were banned by Health Minister. I think government should treat some chemicals and cigarettes equally.

Second reason is that nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive drug such as many illegal drugs. I have seen many people who have strong will fail to quit smoke because of severe withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms include trembling, headache and sweating and so on. I can not find what the differences cigarettes and cocain are.

The last reason is that the expanded ban on smoking is also pivotal to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoking. Everyone knows that secondhand smoke is very unhealthy for non-smokers. Some medical experts claim that secondhand smoking is more dangerous than actual smoking. Nobody wants to suffer exposure to secondhand smoke. That is clear reason why we should legislate against for smoking.

In conclusion, the decision to ban smoking, although having some disadvantage, would be more likely to have an overall positive effects. The law of prohibit smoking would be make people healthier and happier