Smith Systems Consulting Problem Solution


Problem Solution: Smith Systems Consulting
Deborah Mast
University of Phoenix
Problem Solution: Smith Systems Consulting
      Smith Systems was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith.   Under his guidance Smith Systems Consulting has steadily grown into a major consulting firm. They have branched out into several states along with the corporate office located in Boise, Idaho.   Mr. Smith is planning on retiring in the near future and the company will be facing many issues with such a change in leadership, branding, records management, and marketing.   Marketing also needs to include understanding the current trends of consumers buying behaviors.
      Strategy is an integral part of the success of a company and is key to achieving the short and long term goals of the organization.   How to define strategy and the reason that strategy is necessary is critical.   A stagey can be defined as a long term action plan for achieving a goal (,n.d.,n.p.).   A clear and defined strategy is needed at Smith Systems Consultant if they want to remain a completive force to be reckoned with.   Using the 9-Step Decision Making Model will be used within this paper to shoe problem solving techniques for the company
      Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
      In lacking a solid strategy Smith Systems Consulting is unable to retain the customers they do have and also to acquire new business.   They need to be able to not only maintain and acquire the clients but to understand and be able to accurately address those client’s needs.   Customer retention is an intangible asset and when your customers are satisfied you will be rewarded by being and strong and financially sound company. Smith Systems Consulting must also define their customers and create a marketing mix which will satisfy them as well.
      Smith Systems Consulting has seen great success under the leadership of Mr. Smith, but they...