Smith System Consulting Memorandum

TO: All Employees
FROM: Systems Manager
DATE: October 4, 2010
SUBJECT: New Exchange Email Implementation
CC: Senior Consultants

After reviewing our current email system, how it is being used, what productivity it offers, and are the features that help with efficiency, we will be implementing a new email system entirely. Outlook Express has become out dated and is limiting out company from progress and organization.
This is scheduled for this week. It will be rolled out to each department separately. We are migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2010. This will gives much better organization with the calendars and alerts that can be set. The email portion of the software is far more advanced giving us the ability to track previous email better, and setup rules within the mailbox for particular email folder delivery. In addition, every employee will have the ability to better file and setup follow up appointments for our current prospects. Each individual will retain their current email address.
Once the email system has been completely implemented our mail server her will be shut down and decommissioned. We will no longer be hosting our email on site, thus freeing up bandwidth and latency that our network was experiencing. Our new Microsoft 2010 Exchange Server will be with a hosted company. The company will have the server onsite, and then offsite replication to a SAN in California for our disaster recovery plan. You each will be getting an email for your department managers explain the email procedures when we are in a disaster recovery state.
Technical Support: We will have a support contract with this company to provide help when Exchange issues occur. If after the email system is implemented you experience any issues at any time, let your department manager know and he/she will contact the appropriate personnel.
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