Small & Medium Enterprise

“Cheers & Jeers Restaurant” is going to be a partnership formed by six partners, who are from good academic background, and are ready to share and invest their knowledge in profitable business, with a similar aim to serve customers with the best product at the right time. It currently negotiating a restaurant space of 2400 sq. ft. in Mirpur, Dhaka, and was opened Cheers & Jeers in June 2008. Our start-up costs are mostly expensed equipment, furniture, painting, reconstruction, rent, start-up labor, and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our restaurant. At the start of business, TK 10,00,000 will be allocated for business operations reserve. This is a solid start-up forecast based on our market analysis and our knowledge and experience in the industry.
Additional financing will need to be secured for the two subsequent units in July, 2008 and in May 2009. Our positive cash flow will help to offset some of this burden. The total capital requirement to launch “Cheers & Jeers Restaurant” is TK 65,00, 000, of which TK 50,00,000 is allocated to start-up capital, and TK 10,00, 000 as business operations cash reserve. This Plan is being submitted in order to secure a Business loan for TK200, 000. The loan will be used towards Equipment purchase, Design, Construction, and Operational Start-Up expenses.

The financing, in addition to the capital contributions from the owners, will allow Cheers & Jeers to successfully open and maintain operations through year one. The initial capital investment will allow Cheers & Jeers to provide its customers with a value driven, entertaining dining experience. A unique, mid-scale, innovative environment is required to provide the customers with an atmosphere that will induce middle area to bring family and friends to dine and socialize. Successful operation through year three will provide adequate cash flow to be self-sufficient in year four.

2. Business Overview