Small Business Enterprise

LO1 Be able to investigate the performance of a selected small business enterprise

      1.1 Provide a profile of a selected small business identifying its strengths and weaknesses

The business that has been selected to be investigated is called The Training Service (Birmingham) Limited.   The business is based in West Bromwich and they are located on the first floor of a purpose designed building on a business park.   The venue consists of one large training room that can seat up to twenty students; a second training room that can house up to twelve students; a third room which will be used for IT; a self-contained CCTV room and the office where the two staff themselves are based.

Other businesses on the business park include car sprayers, mechanics, window frame manufacturers and vehicle interior designers.

As the name suggests the main work of the company is that it is a private educational organisation that offers training for a number of courses.   Primarily these are security related insofar they train people to become door supervisors, general security personnel or CCTV operatives.

In addition to this, they offer a variety of First Aid courses, Health and safety courses, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding for both adults and children along with conflict management and fire safety.

There is one owner of the business and two members of staff that are involved in the day-to-day operational activities.   One of these is the trainer and the other is the Head of Business Operations whos role is very wide and varied.   He manages the marketing, funding and deals with the external examination organisations in terms of compliance.

When investigating the performance of a business, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses form what is known as a SWOT analysis.   This was originally created in the 1960s and allows businesses the opportunity to self-evaluate themselves and their market position and helps form strategic planning for the future.

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