Small Business Enterprise

Executive Summary
Small business is a sector that employs more than half of the employee in the private sectors in Jamaica. This study aims at identifying actions to overcome weaknesses in small business. Ways in which performance in small business could be maintained and strengthened has been discussed, furthermore   a swot analysis of the business performance has also been covered.

The study of efficient and effective operation of a small business is called management. The study of this project examine new areas in which small business can be expanded. Various areas of business is covered and also defining the definition of action plan. The discussion of this project will oversee how small business are managed, the understanding of how changes will be managed in small business will be emphasized which will later lead to a discussion on how to prepare an action plan.

The study of this project is carried out to help small and start up businesses to develop effective plans and creates solutions to the challenges they are facing. Small business is important to the success of our economy. Small business also meets the local needs for people. Setting up a small business gives you the opportunity to be independent and also reap the profit for yourself and also offer of benefits to the economy. Small businesses help the economy by bringing growth and innovation to the area in which the business is set up. Small businesses stimulate economic growth by providing employment for youths leaving universities and not knowing where they are going to get jobs. Small businesses attract talent who invent new products and put in place new solutions for existing ideas. Large businesses also depend on the small businesses to complete a number of business functions through outsourcing.

  * To identify appropriate actions to overcome weakness in Delicious Pastry.
  * State ways in which performance could be maintained and strengthened...