Small Business Idea Paper

GPS Sports Business Idea
Kimberly Bellamy
Accounting - ACCO/561
October 29, 2012
Professor Deborah Adkins

GPS Sports Business Idea
GOD’s Power Shown through Sports, which is called GPS Sports, is a technology-based business that offers a broad variety of sports products.   The organization has developed a system to convert the sports industry in analyzing, tracking, and receiving sports information in real time.   GPS Sports collects all sorts of applicable information and materials that will aid the company in building conclusions that examine the continuation, growth, and gateway into new markets.   The differentness of electronics is mixture of apprehending and documenting Certified Statistical Data, medical operations, GPS tracking methods, and gaming layouts with educational elements.   For example, statistics track the information and give results in real-time with the execution for instantaneous inquiry.   These details can be secured and exchanged with any web base device.   The medical application will communicate with coaches and trainers to guide the prevention of dehydration or injury.   This life saving product is made up of a jersey or shirt with internal probes that monitor the heart and hydration rates.   The gaming concept is focused on children ages seven to thirteen and allows users to upload information and save it in a personal library.   The data can be used in collaboration with gaming organizations and allow users to gain points from their previous players.   There are educational components to assist with reading levels and skills.   The company continually conducts environmental scanning to maintain close views on external and internal actions.   This helps in examining and determining the data to be informed on the disadvantages and benefits of the company ("GPS Sports", 2011).
Business Forms, Advantages and Disadvantages
The government has available funding to assist GPS Sports in developing the organization.   GPS must first identify the...