Sm0377 - Understanding Strategy (Core, 20 Credits)

BA (Hons) Leadership & Management



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Word Count:   4436 (excluding Appendices, Quotes & Tables)


I Introduction 3

II Methodology 3

III Strategic Vision and Intent 4

1. A External Environment Analysis 6

1. B Internal Strategic Objectives and Strategic Fit 13

1. C Author’s Contribution to Organisational Strategy 17

1. D Conclusion and Review of Academic Journals 19

2. A Reflective Analysis of Strategy Module 20

2. B Learning Log (See Appendix J)

3. Appendices: 22

Appendix A PESTLE Analysis
Appendix B Press Report
      Appendix C Porter’s Five Forces
      Appendix D Corporate Plan 2007-2010
      Appendix E Training Map Tool
      Appendix F Cognitive Learning
      Appendix G A Model of Learning Styles
      Appendix H Discussion Forum Log – My SBU
      Appendix I Case Study: Pharmaceutical Industry
      Appendix J Learning Log

4. Bibliography 23
Understanding Strategy

I Introduction

  This paper will examine and appraise strategic capabilities and options based on the author’s employment organisation; The author seeks to apply relevant strategic frameworks by evaluating the external environment and also assessing internal organisational data to critically determine strategic aptness in the current market.

II Methodology

  The author will undertake an analysis of the external environment (PESTLE analysis) and substantiate key drivers for change within his organisation.

  An internal analysis will accomplish and reinforce the author’s understanding of strategic responsibility and adaptability within her organisation.   It aims to explicate the hypothesis that Public Sector Local Government Authority’s need to continually develop and re-assess their strategic capabilities in...