Slime Dryer Be Key to Effective Improvements

Bangke maximize profits by companies to pursue sustainable growth outlook changes, innovative technologies and improve the technological content. We will provide the best equipment and improve the quality of services for the users friends, certified new equipment efficiency trends in the development of the equipment to do a good validation, the investment value of the goal to better market reform, the use of savings society, expanded reproduction, economic development has great significance, and to maintain a high degree of trust in the minds of users acclaimed slime dryer manufacturer image, let us walk the road wider and wider, broader and flatter. Transformation that we should be aware of their transformation from what, what will affect the ability of slime dryer production operations, and optimized to maximize the extent to progress this is the most important.
The first is the material into the rotary cylinder slime dryer, cylinder body helical screw blade and indirect role in lifting plate slime dryer, placed the barrel also had a pipe, tube and an outer ring of smoke hoods and other devices. Heating and drying equipment drying equipment the material held by the radial support into one slime dryer, which resulted in a substantial elimination of the cooling surface, frame slime dryer, smoke pipe and the outer ring on the hood and supporting rollers radial similar pipe smoke each cigarette tube 2 through the exhaust port and discharge port slime dryer. Production capacity slime dryer is how much weight material per unit time slime dryer can dry, it is an important performance parameters slime dryer, the size of a slime dryer capacity there are several factors:
  1, the unit volume of slime dryer evaporation intensity;
2, slime dryer volume;
3, the initial moisture drying materials;
4, the final moisture drying materials.
As for the slime dryer energy saving plan can proceed against these aspects, the effective use of the overall structure of slime dryer...