The Price Question of Coal Slime Dryer

The coal slime contains much moisture when explored, which makes it low in burning calories and difficult in transportation. In order to reduce the moisture and dust content in the coal and improve the burning calories, Fote Machinery produces the coal slime dryer to deal with all kinds of problems encountered in the coal processing. The coal slime dryer can reduce the moisture content through drying and remove the dust by the dust removing equipment, after these two processes,   talc powder making machinethe burning calories will increase and the transportation will also be more convenient without so much coal powder.
The aspects that customers pay the most attention to are the quality, technology, price and economic efficiency. So here we discuss the price problem with all of you. How much is the coal slime dryer? How much is the cost budget of the coal slime dryer?
1. Cost of raw material. The coal slime dryer is compose by cylinder device, front and rear wheel device,alum crusher for sale feeding and discharging device, transmission device and the gear cover etc. among which the cylinder and other parts are made up of steel. So the price of steel determines directly the whole price of the coal slime dryer. The accessories matching with the coal slime dryer is: combustion chamber, the feeding and discharging equipment, dust collecting equipment and conveying equipment which not belong to the coal slime dryer itself.
2. Labor cost price. The rising of the commodities price improves the wages of the workers. So the coal slime dryer is increasing in price.
3. The corporate profit. Every enterprise puts the profit in an important position.aggregates crusher and grinders Generally, the coal slime dryer only can be sold when the price is above the cost.
Fote Machinery can customize the coal slime dryer according to your specific needs. The price of the coal slime dryer is different according to the specific type of equipment you need. So we will give our price...