How to Achieve the Intelligent Control to the Coal Slime Dryer?

As the coal slime dryer is developing to the scale production, the requirement for its intelligent manipulation reliability is also much higher. The intelligent control system stands for the level of the overall technology in the enterprise. The large-scale coal slime dryer is controlled by PLC which should meet the starting, running and stopping operation, steel slag crushing plant also the running operation in the emergency.
1. The starting requirement of the large-scale coal slime dryer.
The drum dryer can be started in the controlling room according to the drying technique process and be started on site.
2. The operating requirement of the drum dryer.
Because of the adoption of frequency control of the drum dryer, every start should be within 0-50HZ and keep the normal speed at 6 rounds per minute.
3. The stopping requirement of the coal slime dryer.
a. Normal stopping: stop the chain row hot blast stove system, then the feeding system, zenith mining and construction then the hot blast stove system and open the short circuit flue gate, then stopping the drum dryer after 30min, then the induced draft fan, the last is the wet type dust removal system.
b. The operating requirement and illustration during the emergency
1. When the power failure happens, open the short circuit flue gate quickly and enter into the artificial stewing furnace, cone crusher for sale deriving the drum dryer and the coal slime out to avoid the drum deformation because of the too high temperature.
2. When the malfunction happens, stop the hot blast stove system and open the short circuit flue gate; the hot blast stove system and the coal slime raw material feeding system should be stopped according to the atresia relationship.
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