Significance of the Study

C. Significance, Scope and Limitations of the Project

1.1 Significance of the study
1.1.1 Technological Significance
This study will introduce an automated recording of each data provided that it should be done real time as well as an automated updates on each item. It is made to solve or minimize the said problem that encountered most of the time.
The result of the study is advantageous to the following:
• Company
Mightee Mart will surely benefit from this proposed project to help their operations work more effectively and efficiently. The proposed system can be a great help for the company especially in monitoring their records.
• Manager and Owner
Managers and staffs of the said company will no longer be consuming a lot of time to finish and get a track of their records. The Point of Sale and Order Writing Management System can generate reports needed in able to analyze and review the status of the company.
• Cashier
The Point of Sale and Order Writing Management System can help the Mightee Mart’s cashiers to save time and effort in checking of items and product’s availability. Since cashier is always the person in front of POS, they will be able to easily identify each of the items’ prices.

1.2     Scope of the study

1.2.1 Scope
The system includes the following functions:
• Daily, weekly and monthly tracking of the store inventory.
• Sales Report generation.
• Keep track on the items that needs to be ordered according to the needs of the store.
• Simplified way of updating the barcode prices of each item according to SRP rules and regulations.
• Login module to secure each confidential record. Limitations
The system excludes the following capabilities:
• The interaction by the Mightee Mart main branch to each supplier.