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New technologies have a profound effect on the way we live and communicate globally - particularly in the last 10 years. We may be living through a Digital Revolution, but trying to understand many of the new technologies available can be daunting. The system aims to improve the academic interaction of La Consolacion College with its students. Since social media sites are very popular now a days. Many teachers has use it as a tool in giving their lessons, Teachers and student are using this social media sites in order to provide copy of the lessons that the teacher has   discussed or sometimes they also use this sites to post advance topic.

As digital citizens, we live in a world where devices and applications deliver an increasing volume of information, faster, in more forms and available when we choose to consume or create, publish and share it with others. The researchers proposed this type of system in order to provide the teachers and the student a fast and reliable way to interact with each other using the same algorithm in other social media sites. But what makes it unique is that the system is owned and operated by the school. So, every activity that is posted, shared and uploaded by the end user can be monitored by the school assigned system administrator.

The system will only be exclusive to the students and teachers of La Consolacion College Bacolod but as of now it can only be use by the School of Business and Information Technology or the SBIT Department. In the future, The researchers plan to expand the said system to be used not only by the School of Business and Information Technology but also by the other Departments that are found in LCC-B namely The School of Liberal arts and Education, The School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design and Lastly The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

This study deals with the different problems encountered by the students of La Consolacion...