National Identity Potrayed by Pakistani Media (Case Study of Hum Tv's Play Daastan)


This thesis attempts to understand the ways in which Pakistani Electronic Media is playing its role in promoting National Identity of Pakistan. The importance of this research is of high significance especially in this era of globalization where National identity is becoming an even more complex phenomenon. Not only international but also the newly emerging local private media industry, with its own independent perspective, is leaving its marks on the way we identify ourselves as Pakistanis. Approaching this research, I based my analysis on the case study of Hum Television’s successful play “Daastan”. As the mode of my thesis is Qualitative so rather than collecting numeric data my inquiries were channelized by the introspective and informal observation styles of analysis, for which I chose YouTube as the best platform and digital tool of data collection. Through my research I have tried to explore the way National identity is reconstructed, reflected and depicted in terms of moving image and how the audiences receive, understand and appreciate this visualization. The study is also important in the relevance of the today’s identity crisis Pakistan.


National Identity
A nation is a group of people who share common history, culture, language and ethnic origin often possessing or seeking its own government. National identity refers to the distinguish features of group and to the individual’ sense of belonging to it. In some case even a little difference in pronunciation is enough to categorize a person as a member of different nation but in some cases two people may be separated by language, culture, geographical location etc categorized in same culture.

There are some ingredients below which make the person’s national identity:

Common language: It the main ingredient in the making of the nation. Without the common language nation cannot be evolve. Also to deal with everyday affairs within a group of a people living in a...