Sick Call

Military Sick Call Procedures
The strategy of “sick-call procedures” for Nellis Air Force Base personnel is the urgent treatment of active-duty personnel and the cycle time for returning the individual back to work with the correct medication or placing him/her on “quarters” for 24-72 hours to rest at home.   All medications and quarter notifications are completed by the designated physician.   Level scheduling is implemented at the hospital to accommodate the high number of personnel treated at this facility.  
The majority of the medical facility workforce must have technical and customer service skills.   Although customer service is very important, the technical skills of medical personnel are a life and death determinants.   One bad mistake such as giving a patient the improper medicine dosage can easily result in death or a wrongful lawsuit.  
Sick call hours are scheduled Monday through Friday from 0700 – 0900 hours.   Customers are seen according to the sign-in list, which in operation management terms, the customer is in production line and must be serviced as soon as possible.   During flu season, the active duty patient’s vitals are checked by the doctor.   If the temperature and symptoms are not too bad, the active-duty member is returned to work with   a cold-medicine treatment to nurture their body back to good health.  

Process Performance Measurement
Customer feedbacks are emailed to patients to measure the performance of the hospital facility from the patient’s point of view.   Of most importance, the customer feedback survey reflects the customer service during your hospital visit.   Another important aspect of the feedback is the cycle time that is recorded from your arrival to the medical facility to the time the medication prescription is distributed to relieve your symptoms.