Wake Up Call

Melissa Dyjak
English 1010
Wake up Call
I woke up, my whole body was aching.   I was freezing cold.   My legs felt   numb, and when I moved my neck I wanted to burst into tears.   It felt like I had been hit by a big huge semi truck!   I laid there for awhile, panicked and scared to move.   I thought to myself, what happened to me?   I tried to remember yesterday, but my mind was blank.   I felt like a baby waking up for the first time, and I still had not even opened my eyes yet.   I just kept laying there wondering why I felt so busted up.   I started to wish I wouldn’t have woken up because I was so frightened to know what happened and why I felt this way.   I knew sometime I was going to have to face the music.
So, I decided it was time to have a look.   I gazed around the room, wondering why I had never been there before.   Why am I not waking up in my own room, in my queen size bed with my lime green walls that hurt my eyes?   Why am I in this little, tiny, twin bed?   Why do I have these flimsy old blankets?   Where is my hot pink comforter, and my big fluffy feather pillows?   I have to figure out what’s going on?   Why does it feel like there is something jammed in my arm?
The simple white walls were so plain that they almost made me feel awkward when I looked at them.   The only thing on the wall was a television way up high so that I could barely see because I couldn’t move my neck at all to look at it.   There was what I thought was a window, but had a big beastly brown curtain on it.   There was a little, lonely, copper colored chair sitting in the corner, that looked like it would hurt your bottom if you sat on it.   There was a grey table that had wheels on it, which sat next to me.   The room was so noisy, I could hear what sounded like ten people talking at the same time. I didn’t know where it was coming from, it felt like I was the only one there.  
Finally, I saw my mom.   She looked as if she has not slept in days,   I don’t know if I have ever seen...