Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money - Money as Matter, Means and Measure
The movie I chose for my final project is “The Pursuit of Happyness.”   I chose the movie because it features Will Smith and his real-life son Jaden Smith.   The film is based on the true story by self-made millionaire Chris Gardner.   The movie features the challenges of finding the American dream and the different measures one is willing to go through to improve themselves and their family no matter the consequences.   Through the course of this paper I will discuss the roles of money as a matter, a means, and a measure.
This movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a man living in San Francisco with his wife and son.   Financially, times are tough, money is tight, and Chris has a really bad job.   The family is behind on their bills, the rent, and his wife Linda is reaching the end of her rope.   The movie title implies that Chris pursuit is finding happiness; however, the choices he makes that set everything in the rest of the movie into action are strictly the pursuit of money and how he can improve the life for his family.
The spelling of happiness in the title of the movie is wrong, but it is wrong on purpose.   In the movie, Chris sees the spelling of happiness spelled incorrectly on the wall of the daycare center where young Chris is cared for.   Several times Chris points out the misspelling to the Chinese man that the painting on his son’s daycare wall is spelled wrong.   He comments on this several times throughout the movie.   He seems often irritated by the misspelling, but by the end of the movie the word seems to be a sign of his own pursuit of happiness.  
The movie opens with Chris trying in vain to sell a bone density scanner to a doctor at a hospital.   He is a salesman traveling around to hospitals trying to sell the machines. The machines are expensive and not too many hospitals need them, making them an extravagance that not many hospitals want to waste money on.   Chris...