Modern Technology Has Increased Material Wealth but Not Happiness

Unit 8: Science and technology
I. Key Terms
1. Applied science : refers to scientific research that concentrates on the development of technology.
2. Interdisciplinary : involving two or more different subjects or areas of knowledge.
3. Industrial technology : refers to the technology that helps bring about our modern society.
4. Industrial assessment : an evaluation in which any proposed large-scale technology should be tested and evaluated before it is put to use.
5. Technology : refers to all the way use their inventions and discoveries to satisfy their needs and desire.
6. Automation : the introduction of computers and other machines as part of its operating system.
7. Anatomy : the branch of science that studies the physical structure of animals, plants, and other organism.
8. Breakthrough : an important new discovery, especially in science, medicine, or technology that has a dramatic and far-reaching effect.
9. Physical science : a science that studies non-living things, ex. Physics and chemistry.
10. Life science : a branch of science that is concerned with plants, animals, and other living organisms, ex: biology, botany, and zoology.
11. Geology : the study of the structure of the earth or another planet, esp. its rocks, soil, and minerals, and its history and origins.
12. Conquer : to overcome a difficulty, problem, or illness, ex: conquered his fear of heights and hoping to show that a zero tolerance policy can conquer street crime.
13. Monotonous : uninteresting or boring as a result of being repetitive and unwanted.
14. Social science : the study of society and the way people live.
15. Earth science : the scientific study of the structure, age, etc. of the Earth.
16. Political science : the study of how people get or complete for power and how it is used in governing a country.
17. Technological age : The way people work to obtain most of life’s necessities and many of its pleasure.
II. Multiple-choice Questions
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