How Modern Technology Differs from Each Other and Changes the Way We Communicate and Why

How Modern Technology Differs From Each Other and Changes the Way We Communicate and Why

By Michael Adamson

Word Count 4316


Language is dynamic and changes through different periods of time. In an age of such drastic changes and improvements in technology and the introduction of the internet and mobile phones I have chosen to base my language investigation on technology such as text messaging, emails, and instant messaging services. I will be investigating how they change the way the user interacts with another person compared to face to face communication in terms of language frameworks. I will also be comparing how some of these technological communications differ from each other.


In my investigation I expect that all communication through technology as opposed to face to face communication will differ quite dramatically as the people conversing will not be able to see each and will therefore need to compensate for this factor, I believe that this will be one of the main points which will affect how people communicate on such devices as mobile phones. I also think that grammar and discourse including Grice’s maxims will be one of the major things affected as people may want to save time writing out longer words by abbreviating.   The different forms of communicating will also differ from each other and I believe this will depend on how the speech input method works, in the case of an email this would be a keyboard.


To make this investigation fair I have collected all of my data from the same people, my sister and her friend, so that the variables can be kept as balanced as possible.   I was given permission to use all of the data I collected to make sure that this investigation is ethical as well as fair and I have decided to change the name of the subject and the subject’s friends. Perhaps the most difficult data to obtain was the transcript of normal face to face, I decided to record on my phone the...