Should Prayre Be Leaglize in School

Prayer is a powerful weapon, used by millions of people all around the world. Prayer seems to be the hope of every nation. When we talk about prayer, then we must acknowledge that there is a God to whom we render our prayers to. In everyday situations, those that are believers in the faith of Jesus Christ, often look up and ask for guidance, and help through their daily journey. It is also acknowledged that there are different faiths and different religions. Among those religions is some form of prayer to some God or another. The question is, “should prayer become a legal option in schools?” There are some people that will say yes, and there are some people that will say no. In our society we are dealing with people of different religious beliefs and standards. But when you add it all up, prayer is still the key.
Over the last past years there has been a great amount of controversy surrounding the issue of prayer in the public school system. This controversy lays not so much around students praying individually, but whether or not school official should be allowed to lead prayer. It is known that prayer and religion can have a great impact on students, but at the same time interfere with an individual’s first amendment rights. Lawmakers have gone to great length to inform school systems of the law surrounding school prayer in order to avoid any more conflict, and yes there have been conflict concerning school prayer. The conflict that might occur between people is the fact of different opinions in religion. Our schools are made up of different children, with different religious background, and as sad, as it is to say; there are some that do not believe in prayer, and become offended if prayer is offered in school to their children.
It is understood that many people feel that “Mandatory Prayer” violates a person’s first amendment rights, but some of us feel that there is nothing wrong with voluntary prayer. After September 11, all anyone wanted to do was pray....