Japanese Schools in Vietnam

Japan-Vietnam International Relations
―Japanese Schools in Vietnam―

A survey of the population of studying Japanese people in Vietnam says that there are about 10,000 people who studying Japanese.
30% of that is in Hanoi, and 70% of that is in Ho Chi Minh and near areas.
The population of studying Japanese people in Vietnam is getting larger and larger lately.
So I thought there is much demand for Japanese teacher in Vietnam.

In this report, I'm going to think about Japanese schools in Vietnam and how a man can be a Japanese teacher in Vietnam.
Of course not all of man can be a Japanese teacher. If he wants to, he must obtain some qualifications.

1. Credit of Japanese Education
2. Passing Japanese language teaching competency test
3. Pass through Japanese teacher training course

If he fulfills one of above requirements, he's regarded as a man who has a qualification to be a Japanese teacher. But if he wants to work in United states or Europe, it's not enough. In that case, he should go to graduate school. It's hard way. In Asia, he can be a Japanese teacher easier than in US or Europe.
Japanese teacher in Asia isn’t high-paying. So almost all of the Japanese teacher has side jobs.

Today Japanese company is embarking in Ho Chi Minh and near area and Vietnamese living and working in the area needs to study Japanese.
But a Japanese teacher in Vietnam says; "They Vietnamese study only easy Japanese. Because it's enough to work in Sushi bars or souvenirs shops for Japanese. If they were more eager to study Japanese, they could go to next level of Japanese speaking."

It means studying Japanese in Vietnam is valued quantity above quality. It's not good tendency on the view of their skill. If they don't need the quality of Japanese, they will stop studying Japanese near future. And they can't take the jobs that need high level of Japanese speaking.

By the way, why aren’t they eager to study Japanese? I said easy Japanese is enough to...