Should Our 2nd Amendment Be Taken Away?

Should Our 2nd Amendment be Taken Away?

    “There are always enemies of individual liberty.  Many, in socialist and globalist circles, hate the fact that the common US citizen can exercise his or her liberty of free speech, worship without government intrusion, and is protected by ‘due process of law’.  However, there is no hate in this world among those who promote and prop up tyranny like there is against the 2nd Amendment: the US citizen’s God-given liberty to own firearms” Kevin Danielsen opens his article.
    This article talks about how people dislike the fact that our government allows us to own a weapon or just all around allow us to utilize our freedoms.   We should never have to fight for our rights to bear arms.   The reason for the 2nd amendment is for us to be able to protect our homes, our land, our state, and our country, and without this we wouldn’t protect any of these.  
    Our fore fathers fought for this country just as our military does today, to provide us with these freedoms.   Who is the UN to take these freedoms from us?   Americans as private citizens “non-military personnel,” we do not go to other countries and blow stuff up, and/or kill citizens of their country.   As where citizens of other countries come here to America and kill our citizens.   If our 2nd amendment was to be taken away from us, the only people that will own guns will be criminals, the police force and military.
    If you disagree with the 2nd amendment and allowing private citizens the right to bear arms, ask yourself this question…honestly what would you do if another country came to America and got past our military, and it was left up to the private citizens to fight for their country and their homes.   How would you do so without firearms?
    I believe this article is reliable, credible, and valid because the author does use other sources within it the article that are reliable, credible, and valid.   I looked up articles about the same subject matter and...