Identify the reasons people communicate

Communication is a two-way process which involves listening ans understanding others as well as getting ones message across. We live to communicate and we communicate to live.
communication is more than words, it involves the tone of voice, gestures and body language. Here are a few reasons people communicate:

To Build Relationships: The ability to effectively communicate with a variety of people is a very important factor in working towards building relationships that may blossom and enable the gaining of trust and confidence of people. For Example, a child’s first day at school might be a bit challenging, but helping the child settle in is a good way to start building relationship before eventually gaining the trust of the child. The child should be welcomed with a warm smile and then can be encouraged to go to join in with activities in class.

To Maintain Relationship: This involves nurturing an already existing relationship. This can be achieved through an open communication and positive attitude. For example, when a practitioner is able to gain the trust and respect of a parent in the process of maintaining a positive relation with their child, then the parents will feel more comfortable talking about any issues or concerns they may have about their child and accept any professional opinion.

To gain and share information: This is a very important reason to communicate in a work setting. The information we get and distribute will contribute to the effectiveness of the way we work. For example, sending out Newsletters to parents keep them informed on what they need to know about their child.

To gain reassurance and acknowledgement: Communications between humans is about gaining reassurance and acknowledgement. We do this with children by praising them and this can be through physical reassurance or acknowledging through eye contact. A child can be given an ‘high five or thumbs up’ for a job well done.

To Express...