Positive Effects of Adult Support for Children and Carers



Speech has to do with ability to make vocal sounds, and mostly children start making sounds when they born for their basic needs.

Language has to do with conveying meaning through vocal sounds, gestures and physical expressions.
Language is something very specific. It is a set of symbols, spoken, written or signed.

Done in SHC 31

Speech, language and communication needs
It means refers to difficulties, a child may have in relating with others, producing in vocalizing in expressing meaning and relating to others.
Examples given in SHC31


Communication, speech and language helps to child to relate with environment and to gain information necessary for the growth in the cognitive abilities.
Out door activities are the best source for the children development. It helps the children to develop their personal, social and emotional development and they learn more in out door activities rather than inside.
During visiting outdoor trips children get more information about the environment.
Here are the activities which can be very helpful for the children.
Visiting post office
Visiting local farm
Visiting local parks and library
Visiting local shopping store for shopping like fruits and vegetables


Speech, language and communication skills provide a outlet to express the emotions, thereby limiting frustration and outbursts of anger and other mismanagement of common emotions.


Speech, language and communication helps to contribute their self control and good behaviour management, because a child is able to exchange information with others and process thoughts in a healthy manner. Example

As I write earlier good behaviour management and self control helps to a child develop socially and build relationships...