Shc 31

Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young peoples settings

1 Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting

1.1 The different reasons why people communicate throughout of the work setting is so that we all have good working relationships with each other. There is a lot of ways and reasons in which why people communicate. People communicate to build and maintain their relationships not just within the setting but outside of the setting with parents, carers, visitors or other professionals who come into the setting.   We show this by talking to every individual in the work setting, letting them know that we are all here to talk back to if they need it, showing we are interested in what they have so say and that we are listening very carefully. Just by saying good morning, hello, how are you today, what did you do over the weekend is building that relationship what we want for everybody within the setting. It is also very important to have a really good relationship with your key children so that you can make sure all there needs are being met an that you are up to supporting all of the children’s development.
Communication is also needed to share ideas and thoughts with each other especially when planning for the children so that you can meet of the children‘s needs.  
People also communicate to express their feelings and tell about their needs. Children also need someone who they can trust and know that someone is going to listen to them so that they can also express the feelings if people or children are not able to do this they can become frustrated and isolated.

1.2 Communication affects relationships in the work place by keeping good skills of communication very strong. Communication skills must be kept up to standard throughout the setting towards every one including -:
All staff as they should all be there to help each other out when ever anyone is facing a stressful time or having any...