Shanghai Zenith Limestone Crusher Machine for Sale

At full speed of rotation the valve is held open and a major portion of the washing water is removed from the fabrics in the tub. During this time a flush rinse of clear, warm water is admitted to the tub through the inlet nozzle H2 by actuation of the cam controlling the warm water to complete the circuit ZOS'through the warm water control valve 21 to remove a portion of the remaining soapy water in the fabrics.

As the timer motor reaches the end of the spin period the cam for energizing the same is moved to deenergize the timer motor 29 and drive motor I6 and deenergize the brake solenoid I06 so that it is actuated to apply the brake I04 and release the clutch I02 to stop and hold the inner tub 8 stationary,limestone crushing process. At the same time the natural resiliency of the centrifugally operated valve 52 causes it to move back to cover and seal the circumferential passage 5! at the lower portion of the tub against leakage. Simultaneously with thi action the warm water valve is energized again by its cam through its circuit 208 and warm water is admitted to the tub 8 through the nozzle I I2, and upon attaining the proper level therein the switches I23 and I30 are tilted in a manner identical to that previously described to again actuate the timer and drive motors and to interrupt the supply of liquid to the tub and to initiate the agitate rinse period.

The operation of the washing machine during the agitating rinse period is identical to the operation thereof during the washing period, except it is of shorter duration, after which the cams 28 are advanced tointerrupt the agitating rinse period and the tub is again rotated as. above described to remove the rinse water from the fabrics being washed and to discharge the same through the drain opening 36. Also, at the same time a portion of the rinse water is centrifugally forced through the openings 60 in the bottom of the basket, the sediment space 64 and the circumferential opening 5| to clean or...