Silica Sand Making Machine for Sale

These eccentrics can be adjusted to regulate the spacing to any desired degree by the shifting of the cone crusher members on their supporting members, and in the comparatively rapid movement of rolling oscillation,silica grinding machine the particles of rock are gripped and crushed and the finest ground particles filter through and are finally carried away in the trough 48.

It will also be noted, particularly on reference to the sectional diagrams in Figures 5 to 7 and 5a, 6a and 7a, that the rotary oscillation of the pair of crusher cones, being carried on oblique axes, imparts to each cone a tipping movement toward and from the wall of the crusher rings, and as the lower edge of the upper cone 28 draws away from the encircling ring 30,copper ore crushing unit allowing the smaller particles of rock to fall through, the skirt of the lower cone 22 immediately therebelow is tilted into close proximity to the ring surface 24, thus catching and holding the particles of rock until they are pulverized to the finest possible degree in accordance with the setting of the cones.

It is important to note that with the construction herein described the double cone arrangement is such that the discharge of rock from the upper cone to the lower may be synchronized in such manner that the feed to the lower cone will be in proportion to the degree of fineness of material required in the final product.

silica grinding machine:

copper ore crushing unit: