Focus on the Application of Crusher Machine

We should focus on the application of crusher machine. With the quick progress of society, the application of crusher machine is wider and wider. The reformation and upgrade of crusher has provided a good opportunity for industrial develop. But with the wide application of crusher machine, there also appears a series of related problems. Fote Machinery has put forward some attention matters when using the crusher.

Fote Machinery notices the customers that one crusher with good brand can provide you the quality insurance. We are responsible for workers’ life. Crusher should be installed in the interior. If the crusher is put outside, we should pave the floor plate to avoid damp areas. Another important thing is the daily check of crusher machine and ruled out the unsafe trouble. The customer also should choose the suitable lubricating oil when using the crusher machine. It can help the good operation of crusher machine.

After the normal start of crusher machine, we can feed the raw materials. Furthermore, we should stop feeding process before the downtime of crusher machine. When the materials in the crushing chamber are finished, we can turn off the power. Due to the long-term work, it is easy to cause the machine jams. The operator should pay more attention to working process of crusher machine. If there appears the jam’s phenomenon, we should turn off the machine timely. The operator can restart the crusher machine after the clean of blockage.Crushing and screening machines is Fote Machinery developed a highly efficient performance crusher machine.The crusher machine working principle in the two rotating parts are mounted on the shaft broken teeth,and thus to force the material to achieve the appropriate crushing effect.Fote machinery crushing and screening machines configured machine structure is simple,little weight,easy installation features.
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